Al-Azhar Public Library







Location: Cairo, Egypt

Client: RW-Armstrong

Gross Area: 20,900 m2

Year of Design: 2013-2014

Type of Assignment: Commission

Collaborator: MA Studio + AFH


The vision for this library has been created to reflect a
modem interpretaion of islamic architecture and creates
a dynamic intellectural atmosphere reflecting the role of
Al Azhar as a center for islamic education and culture


This building will represent the main scence for old cairo and its unique visual land mark

those who are coming  or leaving  the city, Azhar library  is centrally  located in the heart of

old cairodistrict  and at the main axis  of Salah El-dein  citadel.


The new library resembley  much more than just  a place for books,  it is a place to learn

,meet and explore the vital heritage as the new library comprises among others a large auditorium,

gallery, museum and a large stepped hall for reading.


The facade is a 3 dimensional  calligraphy  pattern that appears as a characteristic  veil  laid

over the building,  this facade is designed to adopt perfectly  to the conditions  in Cairo, the

system of calligraphy pattern in and out from the vertical plane  creates shade for one another

where it will prevent  the beat gained from direct sun impact at south.