Yin Yan Mixed Use Building












Location:Cairo, Egypt

Client: Green Hill Real Estate

Gross Area: 31,000 m2

Year of Design: 2012-2013

Type of Assignment: Commission

Collaborator:MA Studio + AFH


The visiofor this multipurpose project located in 6th
october city at egypt  has been created with welcoming
entertainment environmental vista focusing on opennes and transparency.


This building will represent the main scence for 6th october city and its unique visual  land

mark those who are coming or leaving the city, Suncity is centrally located in the heart of business

district and in front of Zewail City.


The project is based on a defined and clear design which is called Minimalistic trend,  A decisive

factor  in the  concept  was  to  innovate  two  different  functions  in  one  building

(Diversity  with unity) the foodcourt   and retails  from side and health care and hospital

from the another side in addition  to the serving  activities  aiming to achieve client  intentions

and satisfation.


ALG create a yin yang concept for solving the various and contrast functions in the building

and   create an environmetal  study that communicates  with and opens up to its  surroundings

with large  and open arrival  space along the main external facade.